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  • Quality Digitizing

    Quality Digitizing

    • Only professional digitizers.
    • Free samples to verify quality.
    • Dedicated team of quality checkers.
    • Minimum thread breaks.
    • Minimum color changes.
    • 9 to 5 live customer support.
    • Free real sample sewn with every order.
    • No stitch restrictions at all.
    • Any number of color changes.
    • 3D digitizing included at no extra charge.
    • No editing charges for up to 30 days.
    • Great turnaround of 24 hours.

    Flat Rates of Just $15.00 !!

  • Outstanding Customer Feedback !!

Ready to Get Your Artwork Speedy Digitized? For Less?

We’re proud to announce us as a company that has been proving embroidery digitizing services to thousands of corporate customers, embroiderers, digitizers, and residential customers. A service that not only saves you money on a daily basis, it also provides you unmatched digitizing quality proven with real samples at no extra cost.
You’ll have fun working with us as we are very flexible and friendly.

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Learn how it works?

Easy Signup

Really easy signup process to get started. Fill out the order form to start submitting your orders.

Easy Pricing

Our pricing is so straight forward, you will love working with us. Fixed pricing will save you money. No more worries about your digitizer beefing up stitches to make more money !!

Easy Ordering

Feel the joy of limitless ordering. With the help of our order form, you can send us any number of orders from your account. We have an in house team of 25 digitizers that can complete atleast 200 jobs a day.

Your Own Ideas

You can freely apply your ideas while you order. Let us know of any changes and we shall take care of them while digitizing. Customer satisfaction comes right after the quality we deliver.

Easy Downloads

After finishing previous steps successfully, you are ready to go download your files. Our system will allow you to download the files instantly. Any edits or changes come FREE for 30 days.

What is the difference?

Creative Digitizers

We can customize your artwork based on your instructions. Just try us to see!

File Archive

With daily remote backups, all your files always remain secured with us.

Save Your Time

SpeedyDigitizing names the quick turnaround we provide.

Free Edits

All jobs we make come with 30 days free minor editing.

Why SpeedyDigitizing?

Among countless reasons, we can simply list basic five reasons for choosing us like below:

Quality Digitizing, less embroidery troubles.
Free real samples to make sure of the quality.
Fixed flat low prices, no more killer invoices.
Speedy turnaround at no additional cost.
Friendly customer support.

Pricing Overview

  • Left chests or cap size designs are digitized at a fixed price of $15 per logo. If you need both, its $5 extra for $20. Real samples are done to verify quality. A scan of the sample is included with the files sent.
  • Portrate sized designs (4 to 8) inches are made at a fixed price of $30. We do real samples to verify the quality before sending you the files. A sample scan is also included with the files.
  • Ohh my! Believe it or not, this is as far as it gets. A full jacket back is charged only $45 !! Anything over 8 inches and up to 12 inches is covered under this price. A $10 sample fee is charged to do a real sample for this size.
  • Edits come free – No edit charges for up to 30 days of ordering.
  • We have on turnaround time, and its called SpeedyDigitizing. We never charge anything extra for urgent processing.

Discounted Digitizing

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Quality,Speed or Price?

Its said to find a service that provides at least any two of the following…
1 – Crisp quality embroidery results.
2 – Quick turnaround
3 – Great Prices

You always have to sacrifice either one to achieve the other two. But when it comes to SpeedyDigitizing, our dedication and efforts will give you all three qualities together, and that’s a promise !!