• How long have you been in business?
    We’ve been in business since 1988, when we purchased our very first embroidery machine to provide embroidery services to local customers. Since then we still continue to do embroidery for a huge client bank locally.
    We started off our digitizing service over the internet 7 years ago, back in early 2006. Our vast experience in embroidery and its digitizing is our pride and means to success. Success not only for us, but our customers as well.
    What is your daily order capacity?
    We have the capacity to digitize up to 200 files in a single working day around the clock. We don’t work on weekends, and so we are able to complete 1000 jobs a week, 4000 a month.
    If you have bulk orders, even more experienced staff can be arranged to work out larger order quantities.
    Office Hours?
    We work and rest, our experienced digitizers are given a lot of relaxation time, just so that they do their jobs efficiently with perfection. That is exactly why we work only five days a week Monday to Friday under 2 shifts of 8 hours each. Customer support is however only available 9 to 5, five days a week.

  • What artwork file formats do you accept?
    We accept any artwork format you have. If you can see it on your screen, we can work on it. Its always good to send us an artwork that is high resolution for best digitizing results. Click here for a list of artwork formats accepted.
    What embroidery file formats can you send?
    We use Wilcom ES to digitize your logos and can send any machine format you require. We can also send native Wilcom files at no extra cost. Here are a list of available embroidery digitizing file formats.
  • Do you have a free trial?
    Yes! submit your first order with us and get 50% of the invoice.
    What is the ordering process?
    Will be updated shortly.
    How quick is your turnaround time?
    We work Monday to Friday around the clock and deliver any order that we receive within 24 hours, including time taken to create real embroidery samples. Orders coming during late hours on Friday, or on Saturdays and Sundays are delivered the next working day – Monday.
  • When do i pay?
    Payments are taken right after your digitizing is completed. We send a preview of the digitized file. You can then pay the invoice and download the files.
    What payment modes do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards, Bank wire, Moneybookers and Webmoney. All these payments go through our dedicated payment mode Plimus Inc.
  • Can i try you before i start to order?
    Yes we have a huge showcase of available files to download on the sample downloads page, download some and try them out to see the quality of our work. If you want to try out your own logo, submit an order and get 50% on the first trial job.
    How do i download my digitized files?
    Digitized files are download from the client area.